Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Taking care of your golden oldies..


How to store your fabulous vintage threads
Always store your vintage clothing in a dry, dust and rust free zone.

Never store your vintage threads in direct sunlight. Cool vintage prints and colours will irreversibly fade away in the suns rays.

Ensure your fabulous vintage items can breathe. Stay away from the plastic covers you can buy at the dry cleaners. They suffocate glorious vintage fabrics. 

Hang your vintage clothing on fabric padded hangers for the best protection. (Metal hangers rust!)

Washing your vintage clothing
Always hand wash pre 1960s vintage clothing.

Machine wash at 30 instead of 60 degrees. Not only will this prolong the life of your fabulous vintage clothing, but it's eco-friendly too.  Always check the label for washing instructions.

Use a reputable dry cleaners. Always ensure the dry cleaner knows what they are doing and most importantly that the garment is vintage. 

If you are unsure about washing your vintage clothing have no fear. You can use "dry clean cloths" for the home. You can pick these up in your local dry cleaners or even the supermarket.

Vintage care secrets passed down...

If your vintage clothing is musty or smells of smoke,  simply hang your vintage item on the washing line. It is a miracle what fresh air can do!

Stubborn zips? Vintage clothing pre 1960s all have metal zips and most of the time they need a little TLC. My secret tip is obvious, but nifty. Use vaseline. Simply run vaseline all the way down the zip for smooth zipping action. No vaseline? Use hand cream or hair conditioner.

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