Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Style Icons Back In The Day..

style Icon : Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot always comes to mind when someone utters the word pinup or sex symbol. Men lusted after her womanly figure while women lusted after and tried to copy her 50's pinup girl style. Her large kohl rimmed eyes and pale pink lips were her fashion trademarks. Bardot was also a rebel who resisted the claustrophobic mores of the 50's with her relaxed way of dressing. "She is every man's idea of the girl he'd like to meet in Paris" said the film-critic Ivon Addams in 1955. She often wore her blonde hair in a wild pony tail or sometimes pigtails in a look that today is thought of as the perfect bedhead look. Her pink gingham wedding dress designed by Jacques Esterel became a sensation in 1956. Also, in 1956 Brigitte starred in the film And God Created Woman which was an international success.

style Icon : Twiggy Lawson
In early 1966, Lesley Hornby found herself propelled to the heights of international fame as the world's first supermodel - Twiggy. With her waif like figure, boyish hair cut and striking eye lashes she created an image that would epitomise an era. Twiggy became the idol for millions of teenage girls of the sixties revolution. By the age of 17, Twiggy was one of the most famous faces on the planet: her photograph was even encased in a time capsule and sent into space. By this time in the sixties, Twiggy had already become a household name across the globe, an icon whose image graced the covers of Vogue, Tatler and even her own American publication Her Mod, Mod Teen World. "The Cockney Kid with a face to launch a thousand shapes... And she's only 16! - The Daily Express, February 23rd 1966 Source : The Official Twiggy Lawson Site

Style Icon : Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was skinny, with bushy eyebrows and close cropped bangs, yet she changed the definition of style and grace forever. Mary Quant called her the "most stylish woman who ever lived". Audrey's greatest weapon of all, and the reason behind her eternal fashion appeal was Hubert de Givenchy, the couturier with whom she collaborated on the costumes for almost all of her films. Together, Givenchy and Hepburn created a fashion/ film union that has yet to be matched. Breakfast At Tiffany's was the film that sealed her reputation as a fashion goddess. The image of her in Tiffany's with her beehive hairdo, white gloves and little black dress was and is one of the most stylish looks. Her appeal was that her style was universally accessible and even today looks modern. She never made the mistake of following trends, but remained loyal to the clothes that suited her the best. That is why she became bigger than fashion. Source : The Independent - London

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