Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Introduction to Vintage Fashion.

When women of the mid-1900's needed something special to wear for an occasion, it wasn't uncommon for them to create something for themselves. Whether they came up with the design or took inspiration from a Mccall's pattern, clothing from this era was often unique and/or one-of-a-kind. Today, many people go to their local shopping malls or shop online for items to fill their wardrobe gaps. Anyone who has shopped at these malls is aware of the frustration that comes from trying to find a fabulous dress that will make you stand out when all you are surrounded by is boring.

Vintage clothing is a world away from the mass produced. It gives you the opportunity to take something from a different time and make it your own. It's also easy to take vintage fashions and mix them in with your current wardrobe.

The fashion revolution of the 1960s brought us clothing and styles that were much more varied. People of the time embraced this by scouting thrift shops and yard sales, and vintage clothing stores began opening in the 1970s.

 I think it is undeniable that vintage is here to stay!

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